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Sell our Breakfast Tacos At Your Business

Are you a local business that needs a great breakfast option for your customers? We've already partnered with some coffee shops to bring our breakfast tacos to the entire Austin community.

Fill out the form below and we'll send you some FREE tacos.

How it works:

El Xolo Tacos delivers breakfast tacos and salsas to your business between the hours of 6:30-8:30 am. We sell you breakfast tacos at wholesale prices and you sell them for a mark-up with tax.


There’s no delivery fee for locations within a 5-mile radius of our brick and mortar. Additionally, we don’t have a minimum number of tacos, meaning you can decide the most convenient amount of daily tacos for your business needs!


Our Breakfast Tacos:


Bacon egg & cheese 
Crispy bacon mixed with egg, and oaxaca cheese.


Chorizo egg & cheese
Mexican chorizo mixed with egg, and oaxaca cheese.


Migas egg & cheese (veggie)
Crumble chips mixed with egg, and oaxaca cheese.


Potato and egg (veggie)
Grilled seasoned potatoes mixed with egg.


Potato egg & cheese (veggie)
Grilled Potatoes mixed with egg, and oaxaca cheese.


Mexicana egg & cheese (veggie)
Egg mixed with cilantro, onios, tomato and oaxaca cheese.


Black Beans, Onion & Potato (vegan)
Grilled potato mixed with gilled onions and black beans.


Bean & cheese (veggie)
Refried pinto beans mixed with Oaxaca cheese.

Salsas (served in 1oz containers)

- Salsa Guajillo (Red Mild)

- Salsa Avocado (Green Mild)

- Salas Jalapeño (Green Spicy)

- Salsa Red Jalapeño (Red Spicy)

Wholesale Inquiry:

Thanks for submitting!

​Do you like free breakfast tacos? Request a free tasting and make sure we're not joking about the best breakfast tacos in Austin.

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