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El Xolo Tacos

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, there’s vastly more diversity than most Americans realize. I grew up in Mexico, where I earned a master’s degree in agriculture. This granted me a unique knowledge of corn and its varying colors and flavors. After landing in Austin, TX, I began working in the food truck scene. I was surprised to find residents thought of corn tortillas as one single dish. This is far from the case. 



We started as a food truck on October 12th of 2019, by the time we started we weren’t able to pay for a fancy and expensive street with people traffic, so we decided to roll Austin streets, reaching different offices and apartment complexes to offer lunch and dinner services around Austin, with time, effort and a lot of flavour we where able to offer manly private events such as weddings, birthday parties and corporate caterings, etc.


We started as a food truck!


From Food truck to brick and mortar

A year after we opened our brick and mortar (a little kitchen inside of a shell gas station). Again, with a lot of time, effort and much more flavour and experience we team up with different deliveries and corporate platforms and we still doing private caterings as drop off!

Local business like coffee shops also have helped us to reach more costumers and have more exposure since many of them sell our breakfast tacos at their shops as well!

-Luis, Owner, El Xolo Tacos

At El Xolo Tacos, it all comes down to the tortillas 

My corn tortillas come in all different colors. From red to blue to yellow to white, each one has its own subtle but distinct flavor. Customers often ask if our tortillas are painted, giving me an opportunity to share my knowledge of Mexican agriculture. Patrons sometimes even develop a preferred tortilla flavor, something you don’t often see in the United States. 

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